Composer Camiel Jansen comes from a musical background. Music has always been there for him, as has storytelling and the want to present ideas on a stage.

After graduating jazz upright bass and composition from Codarts, Academy of the Arts in Rotterdam, he studied at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Kopenhagen and at the Conservatory in Amsterdam until 2015.

Camiel stayed in Amsterdam and started to write music for orchestras and ensembles. His style leans on contemporary music, but has a lot of influences of classical, jazz and folk music, too.

Camiel always composes based on a theme, narrative or story. He composed a piece based on the Dutch Childcare Benefits Scandal (Het Toeslagenschandaal), about humankinds upcoming journey to the planet Mars (MARS:), about a small mouse in a big world (Small World) and about climate change (Anger to Anguish), for example.

The ensemble Ikarai, in which Camiel is a composing member, was selected to be the Dutch representative to the 12Points Festival in 2019, the premiere of his latest piece MARS: was critically acclaimed in the Dutch press and his music has been performed throughout The Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Germany and China.